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Observation 86

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Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Strain W303
Reference Lifespan
Lifespan Change
Lifespan Measure
Lifespan Effect decreased
Significance significant
Citation Roy N, Runge KW. (2000). Two paralogs involved in transcriptional silencing that antagonistically control yeast life span.. Curr. Biol. 10: 111-4. [pubmed]

Deletion results in short life span about 80% of wild-type.

Other phenotypes: Null mutation decreases rDNA silencing five-fold, increases silencing at a mutant HMR that lacks the Rap1p-binding site in the HMR-E silencer threefold, and has no effect on telomeric silencing. Deletion decreases rDNA silencing, increases rDNA recombination, and increases level of phosphorylated Sir3p.

Gene Interventions:

Symbol Allele Allele Type NCBI Gene ID More
ZDS2 deletion / null 854931 View