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Observation 3593

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Species Mus musculus
Strain Mixed 129/Sv and C57BL6
Lifespan 2.75 years
Reference Lifespan 2.33 years
Lifespan Change 18.03%
Lifespan Measure median
Lifespan Effect increased
Significance significant
Citation Zheng S, Clabough EB, Sarkar S, Futter M, Rubinsztein DC, Zeitlin SO. (2010). Deletion of the huntingtin polyglutamine stretch enhances neuronal autophagy and longevity in mice. PLoS Genet. [pubmed]
Expression of full-length huntingtin lacking its polyglutamine stretch (ΔQ-htt) significantly extends life span in mixed 129/Sv and C57BL6 mice.

Gene Interventions:

Symbol Allele Allele Type NCBI Gene ID More
huntingtin deltaQ-htt unknown