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Species Mus musculus
Strain heterogeneous genetic background
Sex male
Lifespan 707 days
Reference Lifespan 664 days
Lifespan Change 6.48%
Lifespan Measure median
Lifespan Effect increased
Significance not significant
Citation Panici JA, Harper JM, Miller RA, Bartke A, Spong A, Masternak MM. (2010). Early life growth hormone treatment shortens longevity and decreases cellular stress resistance in long-lived mutant mice. :. [pubmed]

Hypopituitary Ames dwarf mice were injected either with growth hormone (GH) or thyroxine for a 6-wk period to see whether this intervention would reverse their long life span or the resistance of their cells to lethal stresses. Ames dwarf mice survived 987 days (median), longer than non-mutant control mice (664 days), but GH-injected dwarf mice did not differ from controls (707  days). T4 injections into Ames dwarf mice, in contrast, did not restore normal life span.Ames dwarf (df/df) mice are GH deficient due to their homozygosity for a recessive loss-of-function mutation at the Prop1 locus (Prop1df).

Gene Interventions:

Symbol Allele Allele Type NCBI Gene ID More
Prop1 df loss of function

Compound Interventions

Name Quantity Ncbi Id
porcine growth hormone 4 micrograms/g body weight per day