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Observation 2045

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Species Mus musculus
Strain 129Sv/J × Balb/c
Lifespan 980 days
Reference Lifespan 750 days
Lifespan Change 30.67%
Lifespan Measure mean
Lifespan Effect increased
Significance significant
Citation Liu X, Jiang N, Hughes B, Bigras E, Shoubridge E, Hekimi S. (2005). Evolutionary conservation of the clk-1-dependent mechanism of longevity: loss of mclk1 increases cellular fitness and lifespan i. Genes Dev. 19: 2424-34. [pubmed]
Also clk-1 or mclk1. Heterozygous mice live about 15 to 30% longer than controls.

Gene Interventions:

Symbol Allele Allele Type NCBI Gene ID More
clk-1 loss of function