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Observation 10

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Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Strain S150-2B
Reference Lifespan
Lifespan Change
Lifespan Measure
Lifespan Effect decreased
Significance significant
Citation Coates PJ, Jamieson DJ, Smart K, Prescott AR, Hall PA. (1997). The prohibitin family of mitochondrial proteins regulate replicative lifespan.. Curr. Biol. 7: 607-10. [pubmed]

Deletion of PHB1 results in approximately 20% shorter lifespan.

Other phenotypes: Deletion of both PHB1 and PHB2 results in a life span that is approximately 40% shorter than wild type. Phenotypic changes characteristic of aging cells may suggest that PHB1/PHB2 mutants undergo premature aging, not simply reduction in viability. These changes include lengthening of cell cycle and characteristic morphological changes [pubmed]. No reduction in stress resistance or bulk growth rate. A strong defect in mitochondrial potential was detected in the phb1 phb2 double mutant, and a slight defect in the phb1 single mutant. Deletion of PHB1 is synthetically lethal [pubmed].

Gene Interventions:

Symbol Allele Allele Type NCBI Gene ID More
PHB1 deletion / null 853033 View